In the Company of Boys

Helen Pickett, Julian Amir Lacey, Ensemble - Impressing the Czar - Photo Ian Whalen (IMG_1773)

As I await Julian’s arrival home after another year dancing professionally at SemperOper Ballett in Dresden, Germany, I occassionally read the accounts posted in the My Son Can Dance private Facebook group about all the dancing’ boys leaving home to go to summer intensives. My son is taking the summer off, while these younger boys […]

Julian Dances the “Groom” and “Mr. Peanut”

Julian Amir Lacey - Giselle - Photo Ian Whalen

I am sorry I can’t travel to Germany more often. I would have liked to see Julian’s recent performance in Giselle and his upcoming one in Impressing the Czar. Semperoper Ballet recently ended a run of David Dawson’s Giselle. Although Julian was not originally scheduled to dance the part of the “Groom,” an opportunity arose for […]

Boost and Sustain Your Dancer’s Energy Levels

boost your athletes energy

In a recent guest post, Leora Amir shared her advice on how to boost and maintain the energy levels of your dancin’ son. I then interviewed her on this topic so we could go into more detail. Your dancer is an athlete. All athletes need energy to attain peak performance. Without energy, your son can’t […]

Webinar: Boost (and Maintain) Your Dancin’ Boy’s Energy Levels


I’m proud to announce a new feature on My Son Can Dance: webinars! We start with a subject I hear discussed often: how to feed your dancin’ son so he has enough energy to sustain all those hours of dance. If you’d like to discover the nutritional secrets to high and sustained energy levels for […]

How to Maintain Your Dancer’s Energy Level

Serious dancers are athletes challenged to have high levels of energy for prolonged periods of time. Dancers are often over-scheduled, have stressful lives, and suffer from a lack of quality sleep and poor eating habits. These factors lower energy levels. Fatigue breaks us down physically and emotionally, and it wreaks havoc on the immune system. […]

How to Prepare Your Dancer for a Summer Intensive Program

summer dance intensive tips

Guest post by Kristine Stivali You’ve decided to allow your son to attend a summer intensive (SI) program. Now what? This is a very exciting time for your son, but with a little bit, or maybe I should say a good bit, of preparation you can make this experience less nerve racking for yourself and […]

How to Afford a Summer Intensive or Year-Round Ballet Program

afford dance opportunities

At this time of year, dancin’ boys and their parents wait to hear about summer intensives…and if they received scholarships. By the end of the summer, those same families will wait to hear about acceptance into year-round ballet programs. And that almost always means one thing: discussions about money. Can you afford to let your […]

When to Get Your Dancing’ Boy “Seen”

when to have your dancing boy seen

Your son has been dancing at the same studio for some time now, and he’s doing great. However, you’re wondering when he should venture out to dance conventions, intensives, and competitions—or maybe even to the occasional private lesson or class at some other studio. We tried to get Julian “seen” by other dance professionals as […]

Happy Post-Nutcracker Season!

Johannes Schmidt, Julian Lacey_Foto_Ian Whalen (IMG_4320)

I want to wish all of my readers and subscribers a very, happy, healthy, and successful New Year. I hope 2015 will bring you, or you and your dancin’ boys, continued dancing success. For many dancin’ boys and their families, the holiday season, or Nutcracker season, can feel quite busy! It’s also very fulfilling for […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Change Dance Studios

leave dance studio

In every dancin’ boy’s life (and girl’s life) there comes a point when it’s time to say goodbye to the current studio. It’s never easy, but the change must be made if your son is going to progress. How do you know if that time has arrived? Here are a few signs to watch for. […]

Let’s Gather on Facebook!

dancing boy

For a long time I’ve dreamed of creating a community of dancin’ boys and parents of dancin’ boys. I wanted to attach a forum to this site. However, forums can be unwieldy and sometimes and up unused and filled with spam. So, I’ve decided to try something different…and for some people easier. I’ve created a […]