How Young Ballet Dancers Land Company Jobs

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been quiet lately, here’s why: Mum’s the word. I can’t really talk about what’s been going on with Julian–not yet. Why? He’s been auditioning for ballet companies and getting…well…recruited. Yes, it seems a bit like having a young baseball, basketball, football, or soccer player who is being recruited by […]

High School Graduation and SAB Workshop Approaching

The end of the year is fast approaching. When it comes to dance, everything seems to be moving along well for Julian. His foot seems to have healed up, although I’m not there to speak to anyone. The physical therapist says after spring break he need only come back once a week, and he has […]

Time to Start Auditioning for Companies & Summer Intensives

The School of American Ballet (SAB) students receive guidance about summer intensives and company auditions just before Thanksgiving break. The boys are brought in to see Jock Soto, the head of the men’s division, and he asks them what summer programs they might be interested in attending. He then advises them on their choices. He […]

Septime Webre of the Washington Ballet on Boys in Ballet

A little over a month ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive a video from Jacques Berlinerblau in which he interviewed Septime Webre of the Washington Ballet. If  you recall, I mentioned Berlinerblau in this post when he wrote a post at The Chronicle called “My 6-Year-Old Son Takes Ballet—You Got a F#$%^$#@ Problem With […]

Rupert Pennefather on Being a Dancer

I do have news of Julian and how he is doing at SAB, but I thought I’d change things up a bit today. While I was in New York City I was contacted by email and offered the chance to air an “exclusive” video of Royal Ballet principle Rupert Pennefather speaking about some of the […]

SAB Summer Intensive Ends with School Year Offer

The SAB Summer Intensive is over. It feels like it just started, and I’m already in NY. Julian loved the SAB Summer Intensive, which ended on Saturday. I arrived in New York City on Wednesday night and at Lincoln Center and the Juilliard Dorm, which is also where all the studios are for SAB, the […]

Our First Regional Dance America Experience

We returned from Regional Dance America (RDA) in Los Vegas a week ago. We haven’t had a break. My husband, Ron, flew in from Germany the day before we left and flew out to Missouri to care for his mother a day after we returned. Julian had rehearsals up until the evening before we left […]

College or No College: That’s the Quandry

Here’s a heads up to parents of young male dancers heading down the ballet route. If your son becomes a ballet boy, by which I mean a serious ballet student, beware that he likely will begin to think he should ditch the idea of heading for the hallowed halls of higher learning and head instead […]

First Day of YAGP Offers this Mom a Surprise

I showed up at the Youth American Grand Prix regional competition in Northern California expecting to see some awesome dancing. I sat down in the dark theater ready to watch the 14-year-old contemporary dance category. After Julian’s two-year stint in a pre-professional teen contemporary dance company, I was excited to see the entrees. I rubbed […]

Taking Company Class at San Francisco Ballet

Julian recently received the chance to take company class at San Francisco Ballet. This opportunity came about via his father and his student choreography piece from TDC last year. He took advantage of it earlier this month. While Julian and I were in New York this summer, Julian’s father went with the girls who were […]