How Releasology Can Keep Your Dancin’ Boy Dancin’

Keep your dancer healthy by releasing tight muscles.

Keeping your dancin’ boy dancin’ isn’t always easy, especially as he gets older. The older he gets, the more he likely will dance, especially if he is in a studio with few boys, which is pretty typical. Overuse injuries, tendonitis, shin splints, growing pains, sprains, strains, and any number of other ailments can plague your […]

How We (Almost) Cured Tendonitis in a Dancin’ Boy’s Feet

Julian's Feet -- The Tools of a Dancin' Boy

Julian showed up at home for the winter holiday break with a serious enough case of tendonitis in his feet that he hadn’t danced in two weeks. (He said that was the longest break he’d had from dance in about three years, by the way.)  The School of American Ballet (SAB) sent him to see […]

Fear of Injury Setting In

Despite my focus on positive thinking and strong belief that our thoughts are creative, I’ve found myself falling into a fear of Julian injuring himself. After all, he’s doing more than he did last year and I’m confronted with dancers getting injured. You need only watch Fox’s 2010So You Think You Can Dance to see […]

Three Days Until Take Off and Counting…

All performances have been completed, finals have been taken, graduation is (almost) over, and suitcases are being purchased as I write. In three and a half days we take off for New York City and Julian’s second American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive. I am nowhere near as ready! Julian’s TDC performance was phenomenal! I am […]